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Company Details

Keep your Company Details updated to ensure seamless operations, accurate billing, and enhance security. Always stay current !

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Updating Company Details is one of the first steps to getting started, as you get started with Field Complete.

  • Company Logo: Your company logo is how you establish brand recognition and consistently communicate with your clientele of who you are. The logo is customer facing and will especially reflect on Invoices and Estimates.

  • Company Name vs. Company Legal Name: Company name is essentially your DBA, and how your company name is reflected on Invoices and Estimates. For tax purposes and legal protection, you would need to have your legal name, although it is not customer facing on any level.

  • Administrative vs. Default Project Communication Email: The Administrative Email is the contact information for the primary Admin User on the account. The Project Communication Email is customer facing, and will be included in notifications and customer messages. Note: Emails do not have to be the same, but each are required

Make sure to Save after any changes to company details, but this is everything you would need to do to make sure your Company is represented throughout your customer communications.

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