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Field Complete Demo

A Field Complete Demo is available to provide a bit more insight to how Field Complete can contribute to the growth of your business. A Live Demo is also available with one of our account executives for further insight and information.

As a reminder, this is a very brief example of a workflow on Field Complete. Depending on the size of your business, and business operations, it is likely you would follow a more complex workflow. 


The video provided goes through the process of creating a job, scheduling, invoicing, and recording a payment. Minus the details of the services provided, this is the general framework any workflow. 

Some Key things to know: 

  • Project: Every created Job must be attached to a Project, and each Project will have at least one Job. The benefit of this dynamic is the ability to have multiple Jobs within a Project. Each Job would be kept in the scope tab, and the budget and attachments tab would have functionalities for all the jobs within the scope tab. Ultimately, the project is your workspace. 
  • Job: If you click on the Job ID, you'll have access to the Job View. In contrast to the Project view, the Job view allows you to see the details for only that Job, while the Project view will show all Jobs within the Project. Most importantly, the Job view has the data your technician or Contractor would see on the mobile app, and this is where you can view any added notes from the mobile app(Technician Notes).
  • Invoicing: Invoices can only be generated from the Project view, via the budget tab. If you need to invoice one of multiple Jobs within a project, this can be accomplished within the budget tab. A Project can have multiple invoices, or you can update an existing invoice to include new Jobs as they get added. 
  • Attachments: Attachments are kept within the Project, but each Job view allows you to see attachments for that Job exclusively. In addition, the attachments tab is where you can manage if attachments will be shown on the invoice, and where you can rename files if needed. 

A live Demo is suggested as the best introduction to the software. The link below will redirect you to a calendar where you can schedule a brief Demo at your convenience.  A Demo is just about 20 minutes, but can be longer based on additional questions you may have. In either case, we are here to help, and encourage a Live Demo to get knowledge on how Field Complete can immediately impact your business. 

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