How to update User Profile Information

User Profile is where you can quickly view information for your user, and make changes as needed. An important detail is how these changes are specific to the user and cannot be changed by another user from the company, compared to User Details.


The User Profile can be accessed at the top right of the screen, as shown in the image above. The down arrow will lead to the User Profile, which includes the User Details, Username, and Password. 


User Details: 

  • Display Name - This can be changed at any time, and will serve as the display name always visible at the top right, as well as how technicians are identified throughout Field Complete. 
  • Email Address - Email where communication would be received, including password resets and notification. Note: Login is with username, rather than email address.
  • Phone - Number is strictly informational, and would not influence anything related to SMS services or notifications. 
  • Company ID - Fixed information of the company, and is valuable for support request, as well as Contractor <> Sub-Contractor relationships. 
  • User ID -  Similar to Company ID, but specific to the User. Please specify to technical support should you have technical errors related to the user.


  • Current Username - Credentials are sent only to the user, as a user is created, or if the password is reset, and the credentials include username and password only. Note: users login with username and password only, not the email address as a cybersecurity precaution. This area in the User Details is where you would add your existing username, to then update username if needed. 
  • New Username - This is the area where you can update your username for login purposes. Only the user will have access to the username, and cannot be edited from an admin account. Should there be a password reset, the username would automatically get reset. 


  • Current Password - Please note, if its your first time changing password, it would be the password including in the onboarding credentials provided by Field Complete. 
  • New Password / Confirm Password - It is important to be aware that nobody else, including the administrator of the company, will have access to passwords. Should a user forget their password, they would need to contact the company admin, or Field Complete if the admin cannot get access.