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Job Types, and how are they used?

Job Types is a tool to categorize your jobs, and simplify how Jobs are updated on the field and through the scheduling process. Well designed Job Types immediately impacts efficiency and limits human error.


Job Type Manager: Within your settings, you'll have a Job Type Manager, where you can create, delete, and edit Job Types. (Note: The note option is strictly internal and never customer facing or visible from Project or Job view)

Job Types is how jobs are categorized with Field Complete. How they are used varies based on your business operations, but we encourage you to associate them to your Price Book. The ability to set line items to specific job types streamlines your operations on the field, and limits human error.


Job Types are also what you will see on the calendar.(Browser and Mobile app) The dispatcher and field tech will both be fully aware on the type of job pending completion, without having to review details or access the Job, saving the company time and money.