Where can I find an existing invoice?

Once an invoice is generated, and paid, it continues to be available for your records. We've included exactly where you can locate invoices that were previously generated on Field Complete.

Page / View Where can you find existing invoices?
Dashboard Invoices section that includes “Ready for Billing”, “Open”, and “Past Due”. Clicking on “Open Details” will open list of invoices with each status. Top right of the dashboard page.
Projects View Tab labeled “budget” is where you can manage invoices and payments for every job(s) included in the project. Note: invoices cannot be found in Job View
Billing The Billing page will list all invoices, as well as projects that are pending invoicing(ready for billing).
Reporting Reporting is available for all invoices, or selected invoices based on available search filters.
Search Bar Invoices can be searched from the search option at the top right of the screen at all times. (Invoice ID)
Customer Profile  Each customer profile includes a tab labeled "invoices", which will include all invoices attached to that customer. 
  Please note: Permissions on Field Complete is the key tool to manage the level of access for each of your users. The guide is based on full(admin) access, but it can be limited as needed.