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How to edit User Role Manager
How to edit User Role Manager

All permissions are managed in the User Role Manager that are found in settings.

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User Roles: Permissions are managed within your User Role Manager, and function based on which role is assigned to each user. Every role is managed in this area, and this is the only area where permissions can be updated.


Counter: The number displayed will record how many users have this role assigned, as an import feature to determine how many users will be affected by changes to permissions within that role.


Permissions: The checkbox will determine the access the given User Role. A role can have all permissions checked off, or none at all, as the requirement is based on having a role assigned.

  • Reminder: Any changes to User Roles will immediately log off assigned Users once changes are saved. Note: This will also include mobile app access.


User Role Title: The name of the User Role can be edited at any time, and you can have as many variations as needed. Note, User role titles are strictly internal and never customer facing. In addition, only users with administrative access can edit User Roles.


Creating a User Role is based on a fresh set of permissions and title.

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