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How to create a New User
How to create a New User

New users can be created from the settings option, and within User Management. The User information and credentials can be reset.

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Settings > User Management > Users: The User Manager is where you can create users, at the top right button of the window labeled "Create User". Given the allowed permissions, this would be the steps each time you wish to create a user. Regardless of the User roles assigned, this process would be consistent, and the only way to create a user.


Contact Information: The email must be accurate, as credentials will be sent to this email, and only this contact will receive login information. The administrator(s) of the account would not have access to the login credentials at any time, and users should not share their login information under any scenario. Should Field Complete Support provide assistance, it would be under a Field Complete user.

  • NOTICE: Field Complete support will not reset passwords to users not listed as primary administrator of the account.

Roles: By rule, every User must have a Role assigned. Should there by concerns about permissions, a customized role can be created that has a limited amount of permissions, but there must be a role assigned to proceed.
​Create: Once the requirements are met, you can proceed to create a user. The credentials are automatically sent to the provided email, and the user is added to your list of users. As the creator of the user, there is nothing else that needs to occur. Once the User gets access, they can update profile and reset Username and Password if they wish.

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