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How can you record Payments?
How can you record Payments?

Payments can be recorded regardless of the payment method, and they can always be found in the budget tab of your Project.

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Once an invoice has been generated, the next step is getting paid. Note, payments can only be logged if an invoice has been generated. In fact, each payment is recorded in relation to an invoice. This dynamic allows you to scale your business in a fluid manner, as finances and jobs can be managed independently, or within the same workflow if you have a smaller business. (How to create an invoice)


  1. In the example above, invoice number 80 has been created, and is available within the budget tab in the Project View. At the bottom left of the invoice window, you'll see the option to "+ New Payment".


2. As you click on the button to add payment, a small window will appear where you can record the payment method, amount, and description. Should you need additional data recorded, custom fields can be created in your settings. Note: If you are setup with Payment Processing, a Credit Card will be available, in addition to cash, check, and other.

  • If needed, you have the option to add multiple payments for a single invoice. This works great for services that include a down payment, or a payment plan.

  • Charges: Should you be connected to your Stripe account, the tab would function as a P.O.S. Service and Support for charges would need to be managed directly with Stripe.


3. The confirmation window will state the amount being logged as payment. As an option you can view the receipt or send directly to your customer. Note: the receipt is viewed as a pdf, which can then be printed or sent outside of Field Complete. Receipts can be sent via email or SMS.


4. The logged payment can be viewed within the budget tab, and reporting, while always being connected to an invoice. An invoice can have multiple payments, but one payment can only be attached to a single invoice.

(Note: Tracking Billing for each Job is not required, but recommended for reporting and customer management purposes).

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