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More about settings related to your Billing
More about settings related to your Billing

Billing settings provide options related to the payment processing portal, Invoice and Estimate literature, Job Type manager and Price Book.

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Company Profile that is reflected on Invoices and Estimates.


  • Payment Processing: Field Complete offers a Stripe payment process portal. To manage your credit card processing account, you can click on “Billing Portal”, which redirects you to your Stripe account. For New Users, the option will be “Sign Up” to get started.

    • Once the status bubble is green(connected), all credit charging systems will be activated.

    • Concerns and Issues related to Stripe are managed directly with Stripe, including disputes and chargebacks.


  • Document Settings :

    • Invoice Prefix/Suffix: The ability to add a predetermined number in front of the set Invoice ID or at the end based on the selection of prefix or suffix.

    • Promotional Text: Literature added above the line items on the invoice

    • Disclosure Info: Literature added below the line items on the invoice


  • Job Type Manager: A job type is required when creating a job, and they can be used to categorize your jobs. In addition, line items can be reserved for particular job types, which allows you to simplify the process of adding a job scope.

    • Note: Job type is included in the invoice, dispatch calendar, and estimate


  • Price Book: The collection of line items are considered your company’s pricebook.

    • Default Markup: the setting to set a default margin, or markup, with every newly created line item

    • Job Type Dropdown: Line items can be attached exclusively to a job type, and this view allows you to see line items within each given job type

    • Groups: Line Items can be grouped in any desired fashion. The grouping feature is designed to customize how you want to label line items within your settings.

      • To create a new group: type in the name of the group when selected line item group is blank

    • There will be more information on the price book, but in relation to the invoice, it is important to be aware of whether you want to include the description. The line item title, retail amount, and qty will always be visible on the invoice.

    • Note: Line items can also be created as needed, and from the Job or Project view.

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