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Main Features Overview
Main Features Overview

Job management, estimates, scheduling, mobile app, billing, payments, projects, reporting, integrations, and customization

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Field Complete is a comprehensive service management software designed to streamline operations for contractors and home service businesses. Here are the main features of Field Complete:

  • Job Management: The software allows users to create, assign, and track jobs efficiently. Users can create new jobs on both the desktop and mobile app, making it easy to manage work from anywhere.

  • Estimating: Field Complete provides tools for creating estimates for contractors, helping businesses accurately quote their services and win more jobs.

  • Scheduling and Dispatching: The software includes features for managing schedules and dispatching technicians. Users can easily assign jobs to team members and optimize their work routes.

  • Mobile App: Field Complete offers a robust mobile application for Android devices, iPads, and iPhones. This allows technicians to access job information, update statuses, and process payments in the field.

  • Billing and Invoicing: Streamline the billing process, allowing users to create invoices, record payments, and manage their billing portal via Stripe. This integrated approach helps businesses get paid faster.

  • Payment Processing: Field Complete enables users to process payments both in the field and through the desktop app, offering flexibility in how businesses collect payments.

  • Project Management: Field Complete distinguishes between projects and jobs, allowing for more complex, multi-stage work to be managed effectively.

  • Customer Management: Field Complete includes features for managing customer information and service locations, helping businesses maintain strong client relationships.

  • Reporting and Analytics: The software provides a dashboard with key metrics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to track their performance and make data-driven decisions.

  • Integrations: Field Complete integrates with popular business tools such as QuickBooks and Stripe, allowing for seamless data flow between different aspects of business operations.

  • Customization: The software offers customization options, including the ability to add custom line items and use line item templates in job scopes.

  • Multi-user Support: Field Complete supports different user roles, including administrators, managers, and technicians, each with appropriate access levels and functionalities.

These features collectively make Field Complete a versatile and powerful tool for service businesses, helping them manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

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