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Let's get started with Field Complete
Let's get started with Field Complete

Five easy steps get you setup and ready to start using Field Complete as your service management software.

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  1. The very first step in your Field Complete journey is to Update Your Company Details.

    1. Customer Facing information that is visible on Invoices, Estimates, Payment receipts and partially shared with Contractors that may hire you, or you hire, in the future.

    2. Included in the company details is the ability to upload your company logo, which is critical for branding purposes.

    3. Get some more help : Update Company Details

  2. Download Mobile App to best equip yourself, as an administrator, and the rest of your team.

    1. The Mobile App is designed as a key resource for your field service representatives, whether they include your Technicians, or Contractors.

    2. A resource designed to manage Jobs from start to finish, including Invoicing and Payment.

    3. Get some more help: Field Complete Mobile App

  3. Manage Job Types to ensure you are ready to start creating Jobs.

    1. Job types are visible across all channels, as they provide a "category" for the Job that allows all parties to understand right away what kind of Job is being completed.

    2. Limit particular Line items to Job types, which allows for a workflow that is fast and efficient once it is time to finalize the Job scope.

    3. Get more help with Job Types: Learn about Job Types

  4. Adding Team Members is based on adding Users to your company. As the team grows, Users can be assigned custom roles based on their Job description.

    1. Users can be created as Technicians, Dispatchers, Accountants, among plenty of other titles. User Roles allow you to manage the level of access for each User.

    2. Groups would refer to a collection of Users from your company, but Contractors varies from Users although they can be added from User Management in the Settings.

    3. More info on User Management: Creating Users

  5. Create your first Job. There is no better start to your Field Complete journey. Creating a Job allows you to see how you can improve your workflow, and leads to plenty of ideas on maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your business.

    1. Get more help: Create a Job

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