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How to add a Contractor
How to add a Contractor

Contractors added can have a profile, which logs their specialties, locations, and compliance details to assure they qualify.

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In order to add a (Sub)contractor, the first steps include getting to your User management section in the settings. In addition to your Users, and Groups, there will be an area for existing (sub)contractors. The profile for each Contractor allows you to add additional details, limit by specialty and area, and manage their compliance.

  • Search: Contractors can be searched by company ID, or contact information as needed. Note: you would not be able to search based on previous work history, whether Jobs or Invoices.

  • Archived: By design, added (sub)contractors cannot be deleted, but they can be archived. Should you need data deleted, please contact [email protected] directly for assistance.

    • Reminder: A (sub)contractor with presently assigned Jobs cannot be archived. Should this process be needed, the Administrator would need to change assignee, then be able to archive (sub)contractor as needed.

(Sub)contractors that are added can then be assigned in the same way a technician or group would be assigned. The key difference would be that technicians and groups are automatically scheduled assigned Jobs, but (sub)contractors would need to approve each Job to update status to "Scheduled"

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