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More info about User Groups
More info about User Groups

User Groups allows you to schedule jobs for multiple technicians at once, as Field Complete will not allow you to double book jobs.

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Groups: By design, Field Complete will not allow technicians or contractors to get double booked. This allows you to comfortably schedule jobs without having to be concerned about human error. However, there are certain jobs that may require multiple technicians to be on site at the same time, and this is when you can create groups.

  • Groups can have as many technicians assigned as needed.

  • Groups can only be deleted if they are not assigned to an existing jobs.

  • Description is strictly internal, and will not be visible to assigned technicians or customers.

  • A company can have as many groups as they may need, and each can have multiple variations of the same technicians.

  • Note: Contractors and technicians cannot be included in the same group

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